Late Report on the Canoe Trip (July 2004)

Following an invitation from the President of Torun, and participation from Torun Councils Department of Promotion, a group of young Swindon people (Bev, Christine, Adam, Sunny, Danny, Flo and Holly) were pulled together from Summer Challenge, Headzup and the Penhill Youth Centre, in Poland they joined a larger international group (young people from Poland, Slovakia and Germany) to spend seven days camping and navigating down the River Drwęca close to Toruń.

When they arrived back in Torun, the group attended a reception with Torun's President, they were interviewed by Polish national television, were presented with t-shirts and gingerbread (Toruń is famous for it's gingerbread or pierniki) and visited the local planetarium.

Group leader Holly reported, "Our new twin town of Torun is a beautiful city and we all hope we will get the opportunity to visit it again."

Swindon Resident attends summer course at Torun University

In July of this year I had the opportunity to study Polish language and culture at the Mikolaja Kopernika (Nicholas Copernicus) University of Torun. This opportunity came directly from the formal twinning link made between Swindon and Torun in May.

It was the experience of a life-time! I will tell more of my story soon - a short account will be given to delegates at the twinning conference on 10th October at the University of Bath in Swindon, together with a small display of some of the photographs that I took. The town, the people, the food, culture and surrounding countryside were a real delight and I recommend a visit. Ryszard Gagola

Torun Students to Visit Swindon 9th to 11th July.

Following Swindon's linking up with the historic Polish city of Torun a group of students and teachers from Torun will be visiting Swindon on the 9th - 11th of July.

They are taking part in an arts festival in Oxford and happily are taking the opportunity to visit Swindon. They will be visiting the Steam Museum, attending a bus naming ceremony, and on Friday night will be performing a drama about the folklore history of Torun at the New College Swindon, see below for more details.

During their visit we would like to house the 10 students (7 girls and 4 boys aged 16-20) and 2 teachers with Swindon families. They all have a knowledge of English and will be placed in pairs. If you can give a home for 3 nights and do your bit for the Swindon Torun friendship link, please contact Stan Pajak on 01793 642936

Evening of Entertainment : Friday 11th July, 7.30 pm

Tales of Torun & No More Horses

New College, Queens Drive, Swindon
Entrance : L4 / Students : L2

Tales of Torun a Play
Drama Centre "Na Poddaszu" ("In the Attic") from Torun, Poland
to mark the signing of the friendship agreement between Swindon and Torun, a performance in English by a Polish youth group from Torun.
A legend about the invasion of frogs, with Copernicus and other Polish characters, live music, Torun gingerbread - and some help from the audience …


No More Horses
a unique mixture of live UK hip-hop with instrumental funk, breaks, turntablism, percussion and freestyle mayhem.

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